1》 forming names denoting natives of a country: Israelite.
    ↘often derogatory denoting followers of a movement: Luddite.
2》 used in scientific and technical terms:
    ↘forming names of minerals or fossil organisms: ammonite.
    ↘forming names of constituent parts of a body or organ: somite.
    ↘forming names of explosives and other commercial products: dynamite.
    ↘Chemistry forming names of salts or esters of acids ending in -ous: sulphite.
from Fr. -ite, via L. -ita from Gk ītes.
1》 forming adjectives such as composite.
2》 forming nouns such as appetite.
3》 forming verbs such as unite.
from L. -itus, past participle of verbs ending in -ere and -ire.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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